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Growth of Cell Sites

Mobile data traffic is driving macro cell tower and small cell growth

Carriers and tower companies will need to find new locations

Variations of 5G and Cell Sites

Cell phone companies will utilize a variety of spectrum bands to provide
the superior experience people want from 5G

incredible speeds  ▪  massive capacity  ▪  ubiquity



Owner’s Rep Concept

Negotiating with cell phone companies and understanding the engineering can be a complex and daunting process, especially for new lessors.

Partnering with an Owner’s Representative helps mitigate the risks.

Sample Economics

Historically, rooftop lease rates for 4G LTE antenna sites have generally ranged from an estimated $15k-$35k+ per year

  • Site revenues will be a mix of antenna types, including those on signage, poles, etc.
  • Rents can increase due to embedded escalators, site upgrades and added equipment
  • Multiple carriers can co-locate on the same roof

In this difficult economic environment, property owners might want the option to monetize their long-term leases by selling their receivables

  • We can arrange a financing structure for most property owners

Illustrative Examples

Macro Cell Installation
(high case)

Small Cell Instalation
(high case)

Leasing Process


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Review Materials

Have questions?  Schedule a time with one of our team members.

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Sign Agreements

Sign non-binding marketing agreement + Site location information.

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Negotiations with Carriers

Tetto 5G facilitates negotiations with carriers and/or tower companies


Sign Binding Agreement

Property owner signs binding agreement in anticipation of lease discussion


Tetto 5G Reps

Tetto 5G approaches carriers and tower companies


Execute Lease

Execute lease(s) with one or more carriers and/or tower companies

Get Paid

Continue to get paid by the lease(s)