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Tetto 5G

5G Requires Network Densification

Up to 1 Million New Locations Needed

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Tetto 5G was formed by a multidisciplinary team of experienced real estate, telecom, legal and business professionals who came together to help property owners capitalize on the build-out of 5G.

Wireless carriers advertise the revolutionary performance of 5G.  To deliver on that promise, they are investing tens of billions on infrastructure.

Tetto 5G recognizes that the latest technology driving 5G’s incredible performance has created a unique opportunity for property owners.

Carriers and Tower Companies Need to Find New Locations

Cell phone companies are spending tens of billions on 5G.

Up to 1 million new locations needed, consisting of a combination between macro & small cells that need to be closer to the ground than with 3G and 4G LTE (ideally 20 to 100 feet).

New Locations


Whether you own one site or hundreds, Tetto 5G is here to help you negotiate complexity.

Once you register (we do not share or market your data) with Tetto 5G you will have access to more information and have the opportunity to consider becoming part of our network of like-minded property owners.

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